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…started its activities in 1994 in Singapore, one of the most technologically advanced and developed countries in the world. It was the Singaporean traders who became the founders of high-tech trading and achieved the most remarkable results using tools such as high-frequency and quantitative trading.

Over more than 25 years of work, the company has established itself as a stable, reliable and highly profitable business. The company employs more than 100 leading Singaporean traders, operating in the most promising market segments while using the latest trading methods and electronic digital technology tools that allow you to issue high interest rates with minimal risk of loss.

The company was registered in New Zealand on 11 March 2020. This was done to reduce taxes and costs. The company, at the request of the financial regulators, provides authorised capital of NZD 3,000,000, equivalent to US$1,900,000. Since 22 February 2020, Catalyst-finance has signed a contract with the Antares platform, giving it exclusive rights to promote their products and services.

The investor has the possibility to receive income with a floating rate of up to 2% per day for a maximum of 200 calendar days. The entire amount invested is distributed evenly among the entire pool of traders. Large investment packages are distributed among more traders.

The profitability for each trading direction is displayed on the corresponding chart at the end of the working day and is fixed for the last day at 7:00 pm on server time.

Please note that payment for Catalyst Venture Company’s services is made in Bitcoin crypto money only.

Catalyst Venture Company has been conducting foreign exchange trading for Catalyst-finance since 1994, introducing the latest and most profitable strategies.

A financial instrument for trading in the foreign exchange market, which is formed from the ratio of the prices of two currencies. Two currencies – base and quoted – form the exchange rate.

The most liquid currency pairs :


This is the main direction in the Forex market.

More than $10,000,000 in net income earned by our investors
2 %
The maximum level of drawdown recorded
100 %
Protecting your investment

Launch of a joint project with Antares
On 2 March 2020, Catalyst Venture Company will launch a joint project with Antares, called Binar Profit Team. It will be the most practical and transparent financial programme that uses a multi-level marketing model based on a binary marketing plan. Customers will be able to take advantage of an investment package of up to 2% per day for the 200 calendar day period, and will also be able to participate in the affiliate programme and receive payments to the network of up to 40%.

Contact: Media Relation Team
Address: 58 Victoria Street, Wellington Central, 6011, NZ


Investment Program

Investment package volume

From 100$ to 100.000$ (12 investment packages)




Floating, up to 2% per day, without weekends, depends on the volume of the investment package


Binary marketing


By-laws, leadership bonuses, binary bonus, office programme


200 calendar days

Operation diagram

NBPA* on the Antares platform selects one or more investment and affiliation programmes to invest in. The funds are directed to partner companies that generate profits.
Partner companies are engaged in different types of businesses that generate certain profits (stock exchange trading, sale of information products, promotion of crypto-money).
Antares is an intermediary between NBPA and these companies.
In this scheme, the investor makes a profit in accordance with the marketing of the investment and affiliate programme, the partner companies receive funds to develop their activities and generate profits, and Antares, acting as an intermediary, receives a percentage of the transactions carried out between the investors and the partner companies.

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