NEXUS : Line Profit Team

The Line Profit Team programme is a marketing strategy developed by the Antares advertising platform to promote Financial Management Limited. The programme uses a model of sponsorship systems based on a linear pay-for-performance marketing plan.

The hedge fund Nexus Financial Management Limited has been operating successfully since 2010. The company conducts transactions in areas such as crypto-money, Forex, commodities, stock exchange and risky investments with the help of professional traders, analysts and managers. One of the main advantages of Nexus is the distribution of trading funds in 5 sectors. This diversification model ensures the protection of the invested capital. In the event of a drawdown in one of the sectors, the return in the other sectors compensates for the losses and in all cases provides a positive total return.

Since 23 June 2020, Nexus has transferred the exclusive rights to promote its products and services to the advertising broker Antares.

Investment Program

Marketing plan

Combined marketing based on a compensation plan with network remuneration of up to 30%.


Your investment is evenly spread over 5 sectors


Return on investment of up to 1.8% per day for 282 to 300 calendar days

Additional benefit

It is expected that an additional profit will be made on both personal investment and active work within the affiliate programme.


Nexus Financial Managemnet Limited has been in operation since 2010.

Operation diagram

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