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Antares Gambling is an online gambling service provider that will include over 600 game variations ranging from classic roulette and poker to the latest hits in the gaming industry. The platform will be available in over 90 countries of the world, and users will be able to top up their accounts, both with a regular card, and using AND and cryptocurrencies. The Antares Gambling platform is officially registered in the self-governing state entity of Curacao and has an official E-Zone gaming license.

To scale Antares Gambling services, it was decided to turn to crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding is a modern system for collecting investments around the world in a relatively short time. It is a widely used model for financing startups and young, innovative companies.

By purchasing options in various rounds, investors become co-owners of Antares Gambling and participate in the distribution of profits. Exclusively for Antares Gambling, Antares has developed a roadmap for attracting investments in the startup for the full-scale implementation of the gambling platform.

Below, you can find the roadmap in the form of a table, which shows the implementation time, divided into 10 time periods, called rounds. Each round lasts 30 calendar days. Thus, the total time for startup implementation takes 300 calendar days. During each round, company partners can purchase options at a price set for each round.

At the end of each round, the platform will be updated with new features, which will expand the platform’s capabilities, as well as increase the cost of options and the company’s capitalization. Accordingly, the earlier partners purchase options, the more profitable their investment will be.

Investment Program


After the Antares platform goes public and Antares Gambling fully enters the market, the options are to be exchanged for shares of Antares Gambling, giving the right to co-own the platform, receive dividends from business profits and sell shares to other participants

Marketing Plan

Combined marketing with 3 types of bonuses, up to 21 levels deep and with payouts to the network of up to 50%


L’entreprise fournit chaque mois, en accès libre, des rapports sur l’utilisation des fonds levés dans le cadre du financement participatif, montrant et publiant les mises à jour effectuées sur le marché


The company provides monthly public reports on the use of funds raised under the crowdfunding program, showing and releasing implemented updates to the market

Operation diagram

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