Synergy : Profit Team

The Synergy Profit Team programme is Antares’ marketing strategy to promote the Synergy group of companies . This programme uses multi-level marketing, the basis of which is a linear remuneration marketing plan.

Synergy group of companies
Synergy Group of Companies began operations on 4 May 2020, opening programmes for its residents. The parent company is Synergy International Group Limited, incorporated in New Zealand on 4 March 2020. Synergy is engaged in the implementation of special programmes, which are essentially investment products related to a specific product or service. Among them are the Synergy Auto car programme, which allows the purchase of a car with a discount of up to 60% of its value, and the Synergy Gadget programme, which allows the purchase of many types of electronic devices with a discount of up to 80%.

And many others

Currently, Synergy’s main financial partner is NZ Shell Catalyst & Technologies, a company that handles the fiduciary management of funds received from Synergy. However, the company plans to develop other for-profit areas, for example, by creating its own merchant pool, issuing loans secured by cars, buying and selling assets of bankrupt companies, and a few others.

Program benefits


Automobiles, real estate and services for only 30 to 60% of their cost


100% guaranteed protection of your investments while you are waiting for the obligations to be fulfilled, in partnership with Largo Insurance






The main financial partner is Catalyst, which has been operating since 1994.

Bonus program

Antares generously rewards its partners for the promotion of Synergy services and products using a progressive bonus program

Operation diagram

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