Travel And Opportunity

  • Is a team of independent contractors .
  • Active in more than 60 countries.
  • We help our new partners to become true micro-franchise professionals.
  • ( follow-up, support, coaching, training )

Our vision

Welcome to our professional T.A.O. page

We bring the essentials to share our experiences and help others to grow and develop through a system of accompaniment whether in the field of travel but also how to earn money. This is the basis of leadership and entrepreneurship in the T.A.O. way which brings together all our values.

Contributing to the community and adding value to its members by being rewarded, but also increasing their finances and thus developing access to medium and long term projects that they would not have had without helping others.

This is quite simply the principle of sharing and networking.

Presentation of the association In 'Genius

In’Genius Club


The In’Genius Club was born from the meeting and collaboration of 5 people from very different backgrounds, who were able to put their skills to work for a collective with a common goal:
to create real professionals of micro franchising.


Travel & Opportunity

Frédéric Szczepanski

With Mwr Life since 2017 / ANTARES 2020

Successful decision-making is based on a balance between instinct and reflection.

Stéphane Ciracyan

With Mwr Life since 2017 / ANTARES 2020

Change takes time, but the decision only takes a second.

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