Would you like to register with Binance? Our article will simply explain you how to register quickly on this crypto-currency exchange platform. You will then be able to buy Bitcoins, Ethereum and hundreds of Altcoins.

Don’t wait any longer, try the adventure of digital currencies!

Binance – More than 300 different crypto-currencies!

Binance is the world leader in trading of crypto-currencies.

You will find the lowest fees on the market and a fluid and ergonomic interface.

This exchange does not require identity verification.

You will just need an email address and less than 2 minutes of your time.


To get started, click on this link in order to get to the registration page.

On this page, fill in the requested information:
your e-mail address, your password. 
Don’t forget to tick the box “I accept the conditions”.
All you have to do is click on the “Register” button.
Validate your e-mail

Then go to your mailbox. You should receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. Click on the link it contains to validate your email address, which will allow you to activate your account.



You can now click on “Login” to log in.
A message in red should appear.
Don’t panic, everything is normal.
Binance simply recommends that you use a two-step authentication method.
This is not mandatory, you can click on “Skip for now” to continue the process.
Please note that two-step security is highly recommended.

secure your account

Two-factor authentication (often abbreviated to 2FA) is a system where, instead of using only your password to log in, you have to use a second code. This is usually received by SMS, or via a mobile application. The advantage of this kind of authentication is that no one can log into your account with just your password. This means that even if your computer is hacked, the hacker will not be able to log into one of your accounts.

Binance allows you to receive a code by SMS if your phone number is Chinese, otherwise you can use an authentication application. Google Authenticator is the most used application on mobile to manage your codes, it is available on iOS and Android and works the same way on both platforms. Start by installing the Google Authenticator application on your smartphone.

Click on one of the logos to be redirected to the store.

Then click on
“Google Auth”
on Binance.

If the previous message did not appear, go to your profile.

To do so, move your mouse over the little man in the top right corner and click on the first option (Account).

Finally, click on “Enable” in front of Google Auth.

You will then see a page of this type appear on the screen:

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