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Step Profit Team is a marketing strategy developed by the Antares advertising platform to promote Aristo Investment Management Limited. This program uses a multilevel marketing model based on a stairstep marketing plan.

Aristo Investment Management Limited
Aristo Quantum Hedge Fund is registered in Liechtenstein and has been generating exceptional profits for its clients in the global financial markets for 16 years. The hedge fund team consists of highly qualified developers, analysts and programmers, who adhere to mathematical and statistical methods. They use more than 10,000 mathematical algorithms that rely on historical data and calculate the statistical probability of a rise or fall in price.

Investment Program


Investment package yield up to 1.5% per day, for 400 calendar days

Marketing plan

Combined marketing based on a stairstep (compression) plan with a payout of up to 30% to the network


Aristo Investment Management Limited has been operating since 2004

Low risks

Investment managers use mathematical algorithms that track the likelihood of price increases or decreases and minimize risks

Operation diagram

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